with Elizabeth Almann

Saturday, June 1st, 10:00am – Noon

Barjon’s Books, $35

n these fun and uplifting group readings, Elizabeth Almann channels messages from spiritual guides and angels and explains concepts of intuition, healing, and personal growth. Participants may ask individual questions or just listen to the guidance coming in for the group and others. Come relax in a peaceful and heart-centered space and reconnect with your own inner light!  Group size is limited so register early.

Pre-register by 5/30/13

Community Events

Welcome to Barjon’s Community Page!

This is a great place to read about—and announce—what’s happening in the metaphysical and healing arts community in Billings and the surrounding areas. We are excited to offer this new (and free) service.

To find out what’s happening simply hover your mouse pointer over the “Community” tab in the upper right of the page to see a drop-down menu of upcoming community events! If no drop-down menu appears, then that means there are no posted community events at that time.

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CRITERIA: Subjects may include metaphysics, new age spirituality, alternative healing, personal development, spiritual art & creativity, earth healing and ecology.
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